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Tutorial Part I

Improvised Lines & Harmony: An Introduction

by Fiona Bicket

Dr. Barry Harris Profile
About the Author

Part I - Improvised Lines
Scales runs
Some basic motifs
Addendum 1: Song Example: Stay Right With It
Addendum 2: Solo Example: Stay Right With It
(3rd. & 4th. Choruses)

Part II - Basic Chord Movement
Sixth chords, long and short
Using the chords

Part III - Exploring the Sixth Diminished Scale
Major & Minor sixth diminished scales
Chord Scale
Practice Suggestion

List of Music Examples

This 26 page tutorial introduces the reader to the practical and theoretical concepts taught by Dr. Barry Harris.


Topics include: scale runs, basic chord movement with sixth & diminished chords and sixth diminished scale concepts


Many examples supplement the concepts presented. 
Language: English - $20.00

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