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The Bird of Red and Gold

Barry Harris - The Bird of Red and Gold[1080P]__[MP3-Normal]Barry Harris
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Within the confines of one's soul

There sits a bird of red and gold.

Its wings at all times set to fly,

For if it does not, it will die.

If set free, it will soar to

Heights unknown to other men,

Lands unseen by other eyes;

And as the beauty of the universe

Unfolds, what joy the pleasure then

Of truth revealed, limitations

Then unsealed

This is the Almighty's gift to you.

In order for the bird to fly,

The seven deadly sins must die,

and then the seven walls will fall.

The bird will answer to the call.

Its wings will spread and harken

to the prince of peace's voice.

One's heart will surely then rejoice,

engulfed by love and peace

and beauty truth and right,

and then the day will pass,

unshackled by the things

that make one's soulbird die.

This is the almighty's gift to you.

This is the almighty's gift to you.

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